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A Orquestra
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The Orchestra

Orquestra Académica Portuguesa appeard in 2014, with the aim of giving young students and amateur musicians the opportunity to combine studies with music, in an academic environment.

The orchestra began its journey almost simultaneously in the cities of Lisbon and Porto, being currently established only in the city of Lisbon.

Over the years we have made several collaborations, highlighting the concerts with the Organum Vocale choir, with whom we interpreted complete works by Bach and Pergolesi, and the recent collaboration with the Choir of the AAEMCN.

In addition to the symphony orchestra, we have several chamber groups and, since 2015, the Portuguese Academic Choir.

Since 2015, we represent Portugal in the World Federation of Amateur Orchestras.

The dedication of our conductors and musicians has allowed us to carry out various projects, such as the organization of a Summer Orchestra Academy in 2017, which brought together musicians from all over the country.

Maestros Titulares

The Conductors

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Diogo Ribeiro | Principal Conductor 2014-2019

Born on March 8, 1988, Diogo Geraldo Ribeiro begins his musical studies at the Conservatório Regional do Baixo Alentejo, in Castro Verde, in piano. At the age of 20, he joined the Music Course, Composition Branch, at the University of Évora, under the direction of Professor Christopher Bochmann.
Since then, he has attended several masterclasses and workshops, in Orchestra Direction with Roberto Perez, Luís Clemente, Jean-Sébastien Béreau and Vasco Negreiros, Choral Direction with Paulo Lourenço, Theory and Jazz Music with Carlos Martins and Carlos Barretto, and Composition with Pedro Amaral and António Pinho Vargas.

He actively participated as a pianist accompanying the Choir of the Castro Verde Conservatory and also on some occasions of the Choir of UÉ, at the request of prof. Jaime Branco.

In 2013, he received the 2nd prize in Orchestra Direction, at the National Wind Orchestra Stage, in Portel.

He debuted some solo works in festive ceremonies for the Municipality of Castro Verde and also orchestral works, highlighting the debut of the piece Ónix, played by OCS and directed by Maestro José Eduardo Gomes.

In 2017, he finished his degree in Orchestra Direction with Maestro Jean-Marc Burfin at ANSO.



Catarina Gabriel

Mariana Vieira


David Bracke


Florian Schurk 

Maksym Bilokin

Mathilde Chabaud
Serhii Bilokin


Ben Novak

David Bracke



Álvaro Ferreira

´Alvaro Teixeira Lopes

Beatriz Silva (Concertino)

Daniela Esteves

Dilara Yildiz

Francisco Franco

Inês Gonçalves

Inês Trindade

Isaac Verdin

Maria Costa

Marta Szalanska

Paula Fonseca
Reneudes Francisco

Ricardo Salavessa (Concertino)


Gonçalo Onofre


André Archie Cameron

Frazier Stevenson

Pedro Jesus
Sofia Venceslau


 Annabel Wright
David Bracke


Double Bass

Rogério Botter Maio

Sarah Landis

French Horn

Gaspar Moita

Katy Welch


Laura Castro 

Leonor Cordeiro

Simon Trigo White


Iris Ceulemans


João Pedro Ramos

Meet the Team

David Bracke

Artistic Director and Founder of the Portuguese Academic Orchestra and Portuguese Academic Choir

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