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The OAP/CAP Chamber Ensembles (Orquestra Académica Portuguesa / Coro Académico Português) were formed from members of the OAP/CAP.

These more flexible ensembles are available for more intimate concerts. 

We currently have 4 ensembles: 

1) The String Quartet

2) The Clarinet Quartet

3) The Wind Quintet

4) The Brass Quintet

OAP STRING QUARTET - Quarteto Concordas!

The OAP String Quartet has a traditional quartet formation: violin I, violin II, viola and cello. The group is ideal for more intimate events. The group has performed at Casa da Baía (Setúbal) in collaboration with the Setúbal City Council.

Current members: 

Violino I - Ricardo Salavessa

Violino II - Beatriz Silva

Viola - Sofia Venceslau

Violoncelo - Mariana Silva

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Quartet formed in 2022 from requests for Christmas performances, has evolved into a repertoire that aims to publicise the sound of the clarinet in its most flexible form. The repertoire varies according to the desired environment. 

Membros atuais : 

Clarinete 1 - Serhii Bilokin

Clarinete 2  - Max Belkin

Clarinete 3 -  Hélia Varanda

Clarinete Baixo - Gonçalo Ramos

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Trio Concordas also formed in 2021 from requests for biannual performances, the trio is originally composed of Flute I/II (Martina Machado), Flute I/II (Bruna Caroline) and Cello (Gabriel Conolly). 

On the return of in-person activities in 2021, the group performed the first movement (Allegro moderato) of Joseph Haydn's 'London Trio no. 1 in C' on 20 December/2021. 

Flute I - Martina Machado

Flute II - Bruna Caroline

Cello - Gabriel Conolly

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Quarteto Cordas OAP Foto Concerto 18 de dezembro 2021 2.jpeg

Coordination of Chamber Groups OAP/CAP

David Bracke


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