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Coro Académico Português


The Portuguese Academic Choir was created in 2015, with the aim of offering students and amateur singers the opportunity to develop vocal skills in a relaxed environment, with a multicultural repertoire.

Initially emerging as an associated project with the Orquestra Académica Portuguesa, it has been developing as an autonomous project, having produced acapella works and collaborating with other entities, including the Choir of the Association of Friends of the National Conservatory Music School and the Organum Vocale choir.

O Coro
Maestro Titular



Jerónima Bandeira
Joana Ramos Chumbo

Paula Antão da Silva
Susana Vieira


Claudia Leite

Conceição Oliveira

Cristina Simões

Olivia Hevin
Patrícia Mendes

Patrícia Monteiro

Rosália Dias

Sheila Triches


Tomás Frazer


António Sousa

David Bracke
Eduardo Hayashi Magagnin

José Brito



Auditions for the 2023 / 2024 season are now OPEN!

Please fill out the form below and we can schedule your audition!

You have the option of sending either a video audition, or auditioning for us in person in mid-September 2023 (exact dates and location TBC). If you choose to upload a video, please do so using the form below. Each candidate will have a scheduled time for the audition, being mandatory the use of a mask for the jury and candidates and disinfection of hands at the entrance to the room. 

At the audition we will want to hear:

- exercises of extension, tuning and timbre of the voice (guided by the conductor)

- a small reading at first sight (if you have knowledge of solfeggio).

- a small piece (or part of a larger piece), of your choice, lasting up to 5 minutes (optional).

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